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iLive Corporation, a TravelSync, Inc. company base in California, U.S.A. is one of only 4 Global Distribution System (GDS) in the world. iLive provides marketing and distribution services to firm in the travel and hotel industry. We create technology for the hospitality industry from Central Reservation System (CRS) to hotel property management system (PMS). Our software and services will be offered in 2011 to over 15 different countries throughout Asia. iLive also creates local city portal and business hub like &, Google Adwords Lead Management System (LMS), Internet Distribution System (IDS) and online marketing services to countries with a growing tourist industry. We are a marketing company that provided Travel Technology Innovation.
With offices in Nha Trang, Saigon and Los Angeles, iLive Corporation. is looking for an additional 20 .NET and PHP programmers at all level to fulfill all our projects and in-house software creation.

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2010 Latest Listings

VP of Sales & Marketing
Vietnam, Southeast Asia

Human Resource Director
U.S. Office

Senior Software Engineer
.Net & PHP

Software Engineer
.Net & PHP

Web desginer

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