Advance Website Development

iwebsite enhancementLive Corporation implements Information architecture (IA) science to your existing website design. Some would insist that Information Architecture is an art of defining the structure, organization, navigation, labeling and indexing of a website. It is the role of the IA to decide how a website should be structured with the goal of the website owner in mind, what kind of content it should host, and how to accommodate future growth. Why is information architecture important; it defines the backbone of a website. In many cases, the current model of a travel industry website cannot successfully accommodate the multiple mental models of users, and the growth in scope and size of the site itself. Here is where the IA helps you take a look at the primary goal of your site and to achieve that goal by effectively organizing your site.

What Will Be Accomplished:

  • Clutter Clearing and Organizing
  • In organization lies the difference between customers finding the perfect room on your Website or leaving in frustration and booking with a competitor.
  • The classification scheme of your products and services will depend on variables such as your business goals, the size of your website, its future growth and expansion plans and the type of guests you target.
  • On the Web, there are no landmarks and no spatial clues to help visitor find what page they are on. Therefore navigation is one of the main clue that users have in the virtual world. Consistent and persistent navigation, along with helpful hints like using breadcrumbs and creating an easy to get to homepage and sub-homepage links keep the user oriented and staying on your site.
  • Most Valuable Customer (MVC). Determine and understand who the website is for, and what the goal of the website and its users is.
  • Implement a custom search bar on your site. This website search engine allows the visitors to find what they are looking for faster. With our iLive Search Technology, we will be able to provide you a monthly list of what users are looking for on your website.
iLive performs a usability testing that reveals any flaws in the architecture, navigation or labeling of the site and fixed all items prior to re-launch of your website. Our information architect professional is solely responsible for focusing on delivering competitive analysis, site requirements, site goals, navigation and labeling, use of vocabulary and sitemap creation.
Usability is the ultimate goal. Usability involves ease of navigation and the ability to find information quickly and easily among other areas/elements of the site. Information architecture is a vital component of defining the user experience. Sound planning improves the overall usability of a site. Our goal on usability is to create well structured information and produce an experience that is seamless.