Internet Distribution Service

With our internet distribution service (IDS), your products and services are displayed in a user friendly format. Know exactly what your customer wants and communicate with them in real time. Studies has show that companies that promptly reply to email or answer customer’s questions first, win that individual business.

The iLive Corp. IDS system is rapid and in real time. This allows consumers to end up with more access to your establishment’s availability, rates, rules, and current special and promotions. And best of all, you can capitalize on a global presence to generate more business and build bottom line profitability.

The RIMS system helps in the complexity of yield management decisions for hotel properties and tour operators. The goal is to set a straightforward cost plus approach but also reflects specific objectives such as to regain market share in specific area or to achieve an overall price advantage.

Price setting for yield managment is based on settng various price thresholds, reflecting assumptions about price related differences in buying behaviour. Particularly with respect to seasonal preferences and responses to late or early booking reductions. Using your company historic data and our RIMS software, you can make desicion that surpasses last years performance.

Advantages of Connecting with an Internet Distribution System (IDS)
  • Effective and easy way to gain Worldwide Visibility
  • Internet Market is available 365 days a year
  • IDS is Extensively used by travel agents and some travel websites
  • Ability to implement an online distribution strategy
  • Offer your inventory to new online distribution channels to capture new market share.
  • Multi lingual allows your hotel properties to be presented
    to over 20 major international languages.
IDS internet distribution system